Built for the modern businessand the mobile workforce.

Give your employees gold-plated benefits & mobile-first care

while saving money.

Evry works differently than your typical health plan. We make money by making your employees happier and healthier. It’s that easy.

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Great businesses should provide great benefits

without breaking the bank.

Our business model is simple. Instead of creating barriers to accessing healthcare, we invest into the health and welfare of your employees. The healthier your employees are, the fewer catastrophically large claims Evry must pay.

  • No pushing claims off for months on end
  • No artificial barriers like Deductibles
  • No lowering premiums by removing services
  • No never-ending “customer service” phone trees

Why choose Evry?

  1. Mobile-first, intuitive, user experience.

  2. The quality of our medical network, and superior plan benefits.

  3. We include integrated wellness plans and a directed spend card for each employee.

  4. Up to 20% savings on an actuarial basis, with 3 year rate guarantees.

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Modern health insurance and healthcare.

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