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Evry Care App customer support screen

Customer Service

Chat bot? Check. Text message? Check. Email? Check. A real human on the phone? Double check. However you need help, we’re here to serve you.

Evry Care App telemedicine screen


The help you need is now always in your pocket. $0 unlimited virtual visits.

Evry Care App cash rewards screen

Cash Rewards

No more confusing point systems. Earn cold hard cash loaded onto your Evry Spending Card that can be used at select retailers nationwide and online.

Evry Care App articles and resources screen

Personalized Educational Resources

No matter what you’re dealing with, you’ll always learn something useful. Interested in trying a Keto diet? Need to know the side effects of Tylenol? What’s included in a Chem-20 blood panel? We’ll get you started.

Evry Care Appl community screen


Keep up to date with the latest health news and the always evolving features of your new plan.

Evry Care App coverage screen


Understand your benefits, out of pocket maximum, claims history, and prescriptions all at a glance. No more confusing EOBs or policy documents written for lawyers.

Evry Care App member tools screen

Member Tools

Need a new ID card? Want to view some kind of membership document? Interested in looking up a provider? These and more are all one click away.

Because healthcare should be as easy as swiping right.

Coming soon on iOS and Android